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How Do I Get XWIN Token Rewards?

Every user/investor who subscribe to any fund available in xWin platform will be entitled to the rewards. The reward is accumulated over the period you are holding the xWin vaults. By default, 1 BNB subscribed to the fund is entitled for 1 XWN if it is hold over 1 year period.
For example, wallet A invest 100 BNB into the some of the xWin fund. After 180 days (about 5,256,000 out of 10,512,000 blocks), wallet A plan to redeem all 100 units from the funds.
*** Parameters: 1 day equal to 28,800 blocks based on the statistic of BSC spend 3 secs for a block.
Total XWI token entitled: 5,256,000 (180 days) / 10,512,000 (365 days) * 100 * 1x = 100 XWIN

Rewards Token Capped

60,000,000 tokens
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