xWIN Finance Intro


xWin is the decentralized fund management platform built on Binance Smart Chain. It enables everyone who is confident in their trading/fund management skills to open their own funds. Platform users can then subscribe to those funds and earn profits. Our goal was to create a one-stop DeFi protocol, where even total beginners can profit from the biggest wealth transfer in history.

xWIN Eco-system

xWIN As Sector Index

xWIN Finance provides a series of sector index funds in Binance Smart Chain. It makes the beginner of the investor in the DEFI world easier in terms of diversification of the portfolios. So far, three sectors index were in mainnet. They are::


  2. xWIN Binance-Peg Infra Index (XWIN-XFI)

  3. xWIN Collectibles & NFTs Index (XWIN-NFT)

  4. Japan Crypto Index (JPI)

We are expecting to launch a series of BSC eco-system indexes based on the current landscape to make the investment easier than ever.

xWIN As Yield Optimizer Vault

xWIN provides a yield optimizer vault to make staking and farming in Pancakeswap easier than ever. The yield vault accepts BNB from the investor and the vault automatically converts it to LP token and stake to the Pancakeswap farm.

Daily Compounding to maximize APY %

The vault will auto compound the returns from the farming by reinvesting them back to the pool. For example, CAKE-BNB farming will give you APR of 85.23%. By compounding daily, the APY is expected to the 133.89%. That is the power of interest compounding effect.

xWIN As Trading Vault

xWIN Trading Vault behaves similar to index vault but the frequency of the trading is higher and the allocation between few assets will be reset based on the trading trend and momentum. The vault can be controlled by the fund owner or automated based on the technical analysis signals.

xWIN Finance do not own the trading vault for now but there are few social trader had been collaborating with xWIN Finance team introduce their vault. Those available trading vaults are as follow:

  1. xWIN AutoCircule Vault (ACXWIN-KB)

  2. Blockchain Growth Investment Vault (BGIV)

  3. Smart Digital Assets Allocation Strategy (SDAA)

  4. Cathedra Capital Trust (CCT)

Vault owner may charge the trading exit fee and they may varies from vault to vault. Please read the details of the vault and understand them before you invest.

xWIN as Farming

xWIN allows user to farm their xWIN token or xWIN vault tokens to earn more XWIN tokens in returns.

Earn XWIN Token

In addition to have experts managing your tokens, you can earn XWIN tokens as long as you subscribe to any of the xWIN funds.

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Earn XWIN By Referring Friend

Fund owner or yourself as a user can earn the referral fee.. Learn more

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

In very simple terms, BSC is faster and cheaper. We want to minimise the cost of investing: BSC's superior speed and much lower transaction fees let us do this. While BSC might not have the level of adoption Ethereum does at the moment, we believe in Binance’s ability and drive to get it mighty close in the foreseeable future.

Faster. Cheaper

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