1. Enter withdrawal amount in fund token

  2. Default of 0.50% price tolerance

  3. Click Approve to allow xWIN to spend the fund token (Only applied for first time of withdrawal)

  4. Click Redeem to sign the transaction in MetaMask wallet

How to redeem your assets?

Whenever investors redeem from the vaults, the vault returns investor proceeds in BNB. The protocol will calculate the proportional weights to be redeemed to the underlying tokens and swap it back to BNB. In general, the more tokens in the basket the more gas it costs for swapping.

Price Impact

By default, xWin will set a slippage of 0.50%. It means if the swapping price is higher than 1% in any of the tokens, the transaction will be reverted. This is to protect the investors from front-runner attacks. However, the user can change the parameter in the UI to loosen the restriction if needed.

Exit Fee

0.50% exit fee + manager fee (if applicable) will be applied as platform fee during the redemption.

XWIN Earned Token

The accumulated XWIN token will be withdrawn to the wallet whenever the user performs the redemption.

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