Feb - March 2021

1. Release xWin Governance Token (02-2021)


2. Release xWin Protocol (02-2021)

3. Release xWin Sector Index Vaults (02-2021)

4. Release xWin Liquidity Pool V1 Vaults (02-2021)

5. Release xWin Farming Pool (03-2021)

6. Release xWin Trading Vaults (03-2021)

7. XWIN-BNB Token Pair Listing in Pancakeswap (02-2021)

8. Add Dashboard to xWIN platform

9. Launch Trading Vault

April-June 2021

1. Yield Optimizer V2 (Pancakewap) Vault (04-2021)

2. xWIN LP Token and XWIN token buy and sell platform

3. Launch MMI Index Vault - A Japanese focused crypto Index (04-2021)

4. Launch more Trading Vault by collaborating with the institutional investor and hedge funds

5. Continue to enhance UI/UX experience. Launching new website in JUNE 2021

6. Listing in Coingecko, Coinmarketcap

July-Sept 2021

1. CEX listing targeting Europe market

2. xWIN LP Token and XWIN token buy and sell platform

3. Continue to collaborate with hedge funds on launching new trading vault

4. New products innovation research in trading information sharing, AI in blockchain and etc.

5. Extend Community Offering service to other new projects. Let's xWIN community have an opportunity to get the initial offering from other BSC projects.

Oct-Dec 2021

1. Introduce Weekly Lucky Draw to attract move users into xWIN Community

2. Enhance the utility of xWIN token. We'll provide more free or VIP services to xWIN token holders (i.e. Financial Instruments such as Trading Signals).

3. Collaborate with other establish projects for co-marketing and other effort.

4. Introduce private vaults to private investors interested in customized DEFI solutions.

5. Introduce Fixed Rate USDT / BUSD staking product.

6. Integrate XWIN token into LiverHouse entertainment tips platform.

7. Launch the initial BETA version of Toppy NFT marketplace. Collaborate with LiverHouse Entertainment with the digital goods from all the talents around Japan and global.

Jan-June 2022

1. Introduce v2 of Index and Trading Vault protocol. Integrate the ChainLink price feed and introduce TVL management fee and performance fee. Abolish entry or exit withdrawal fee.

2. Continue to enhance NFT marketplace platform

3. Integrate NFT platform with xWIN Finance.

4. Evolve Toppy NFT platform from marketplace to GameFI

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