xWIN Farming


xWIN allows you to farm your xWIN Vault token or XWIN token to gain more XWIN tokens. The screen shows your estimated XWIN tokens earned and the balance you have farmed.

Filtered by Category

You can click on the farm filtering button by category. It makes your browsing easier


Click on Harvest to withdraw the XWIN token earn


Click on [+] to deposit the amount you want to farm.

  1. Click Approve to allow the protocol to spend your token

  2. Click Farm once approval is done.

  3. Sign your transaction in wallet

Protocol will harvest the XWIN token and send it to your wallet while performing the farming process


Click on [-] to withdraw the amount you want to farm.

  1. Click Withdraw and sign your transaction in wallet

You will get back your XWIN-LP vault token.

You can't redeem from XWIN-LP Vault while doing farming. The token are locked in the protocol.

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