You can farm XWIN-BNB LP token in xWIN Farm to earn up to 200% APR. To make it easier for user to get the LP token, xWIN provides a simple-to-use UI to exchange BNB into LP tokens.

How To Buy?

  1. Enter total BNB you want to swap

  2. It split 50% of the BNB into XWIN token

  3. You get the extra 10% of the 50% of the XWIN token displayed

  4. Click the button "Get XWIN-BNB PCS LP"

LP Token and XWIN token will be locked for 7 days. You can claim it under "Claim Tokens and Bonus $XWIN"

10% Bonus of xWIN Token

You are entitled to get the 10% extra of xWIN token when you swap your BNB into LP token. The bonus token in XWIN can be redeemed 30 days after in "Claim XWIN Bonus" menu


  1. Each address can buy up to 5 BNB worth of XWIN token each time

  2. Each address can buy once in a single day. For example, if you buy on 6/14, then you can buy the next round 24 hours later

  3. All the tokens proceeds and bonuses will be locked for 7 days. This is to avoid an arbitrage opportunity

Proceeds of the BNB

100% of the proceeds in BNB will be used to deposit into Pancakeswap Liquidity Pools. This is the effort to increase the liquidity of the XWIN-BNB pool in Pancakeswap

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