1. Click on Deposit button

  2. Enter deposit amount in BNB

  3. Default of 0.50% price tolerance

  4. Enter referral wallet address

  5. Click Go! to sign the transaction in MetaMask wallet

Subscription Mechanics

Whenever investors subscribe to the vaults, xWIN protocol will swap the BNB into underlying tokens based on the target ratio. It mints the necessary quantity fund token back to the investors.

In addition to that, it always checks the subscription value if it is less than 5% of total locked value in the pool. If it is less than 5%, the BNB subscribed will be retained in the pool as it is. This is to reduce the gas fee of being swapped into the underlying tokens for smaller investors. The BNB as base currency will be accumulated and triggered to swap into underlying once it is more than 5%


By default, xWIN will set price impact of 0.50%. It means if the swapping price is higher than 0.50% in any of the tokens, the transaction will be reverted. This is to protect the investors from the front-runner attacks. However, subscriber can change the parameter in the UI to loosen the restriction if needed.

Referral Fee

xWIN is introducing a referral system in the protocol. Referral could get 0.20 $XWIN for every 1 BNB token deposited to any of the xWIN Vaults. Fund owner will enjoy the 0.05 XWIN for every 1 BNB token subscribed to any one of the xWIN Vaults.

The XWIN token will be added to the accumulated balance. XWIN will be withdrawn to the wallet whenever the user performs the redemption

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