Yield Optimizer Vault (Deprecated)

The new V2 yield farming vault will be replacing LP Vaults. We enhanced the current protocol to have auto compound in the Pancakeswap pool farming.

Click on the Yield Vault menu and you will be able to see the vaults available in xWIN.

So far, we will gradually increase the yield optimizer vault. These are the planned vaults to be launched in Q2 2021:







  7. BFI-BNB

  8. ZIL-BNB

  9. BEL-BNB

  10. BMXX-BNB

  11. more...

Details of the Yield Optimizer Vault

You can see the description and total yield contributed from the vault and how the daily compounding effect works. You can continue to see the xWIN farm yield if you continue to farm in xWIN farm.

Deposit and Withdrawal

These elements have the same function as the aforementioned index vault deposit. Users deposit in BNB and also withdraw in BNB. Refer to Deposit and Withdrawal except it will prompt you to further farm your vault token in xWIN Farm. See below:


You will see the popup message to direct you to xWIN farming page. Click Yes to continue to the xWIN farming


The system will detect if you have farmed the V2 vault token in xWIN farm. If you did, you will see the following message which asks you to unstake the vault token first. Clicking OK will direct you to the xWIN Farm page.

xWIN Farm: https://xwin.finance/#/app/farming/all

Please bear in mind each Yield farming vault involve impermanent loss risk. xWIN simplify your farming process with single click and compound it daily to boost the returns. However you will still have the impermanent loss risk regardless whether you farm with Pancakeswap yourself or by the xWIN vault.

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