Core Feature

xWIN Sector Index Vaults

  1. xWIN BSC DEFI Index

  2. xWIN Binance-Peg Infra Index

  3. xWIN US-ANTG Index

  4. more...

What is it?

The index is designed and selected by xWIN team members. The purpose of the vault is to provide an easy-to-invest vehicle for investor to gain exposure to DEFI and cryptocurrency. Index vault give a better view of how the BSC eco-system landscape and make your investment easier than ever.

The underlying tokens target weight will be automatically rebalanced back to the target weight approximately every once is a month or after 876,000 block.

xWIN team will gradually add or remove the name from the index based on the market condition.

Index Fee

No Manager fee for the xWIN index vault

xWIN Platform Fee

0.50% for withdrawal

xWIN Trading Vaults

  1. xWIN AutoCircule Vault

  2. more...

What is it?

The trading vault is designed to provide the social trader a platform to launch their fund in blockchain way. No custodian or counter party risks for investors.

It works the same as trader would setup the target allocation periodically based on the trading strategies. While investor can deposit their BNB into the vault to enjoy the freeride on other's trading expertise.

Trader Withdrawal Fee

The trader withdrawal fee is depends on the trader's preference.

Performance Fee

xWIN tries to make the model as simple as possible. There is no performance fee.

xWIN Platform Fee

0.50% for withdrawal

xWIN Yield Optimzer Vaults (V2)

  1. CAKE-WBNB V2 Vault

  2. BELT-WBNB V2 Vault

  3. DODO-BNB V2 Vault

  4. BFI-BNB V2 Vault

  5. SWTH-BNB V2 Vault

  6. ZIL-BNB V2 Vault

  7. WATCH-BNB V2 Vault

  8. BEL-BNB V2 Vault

  9. BMXX-BNB V2 Vault

  10. IOTX-BNB V2 Vault

  11. more...

What is it?

xWIN Yield Optimizer Vault works a bit different from other vaults. in xWIN, you deposit in BNB, the vault convert your BNB token into the tokens needed for farming in Pancakeswap and do the rest. When you withdraw, the vault will withdraw based on the portion you hold in the vault and convert them back and return you in BNB.

Auto Compounding Vault

The vault will auto reinvest the CAKE earned from the farming into the farming pool again daily. This is to ensure to optimize the APY from the farming itself. In addition, xWIN do not charge the profit earned from the compounding effect even though 0.50% platform fee is applied for every withdrawal.

Further the APR by farming in xWIN Farm

You can further your farming returns by using the xWIN vault tokens to earn XWIN token in xWIN farms.

Total Returns:

APR % from Pancakeswap + Compounding Effect % + xWIN farm %


CAKE-BNB in Pancakeswap APR without compounding: 85.23%

CAKE-BNB in Pancakeswap APR with compounding: 130.12%

V2-CAKE farming in xWIN farm APR: 80.00% (as example)

Total APR Get: 130.12% + 80.00% = 210.12%

Performance Fee? NOOOOO!

xWIN Finance provide the auto compounding vault at no extra fee. While other protocol charge certain performance fee in their model but xWIN team do not factor in any performance fee. What you need to pay is the standard platform withdrawal fee of 0.5% as same as other vaults.

xWIN Platform Fee

0.50% for withdrawal

Please bear in mind each LP farming involve impermanent loss risk. xWin simplify your farming process with single click but you will still have the impermanent loss risk regardless whether you farm with Pancakeswap yourself or by the xWin vault.

xWIN Farming

Keep on earning token... You can farm your vault token to earn more XWIN?

Yes, you can utilize the vault token you put into XWIN vaults to earn more XWIN token as rewards.

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