Fund Unit Price

Unit Price of the Fund

Unit price of the pool is always normalized to 1.00 as starting point. Once the pool is seeded by fund manager, the total supply is 1 and the fund value in BNB is 1.

The unit price is calculated as Fund Value in BNB / Total Supply.

Example: UP = 1 BNB / 1 = 1.00

On-Chain Band Protocol Price

Fund value is calculated based on the on-chain oracle price feed from Band Protocol. When the protocol evaluates total locked value, it gets the on-chain price through Band Protocol (BAND) price feed oracle in BNB basis.

On-Chain Pancake Swap Price

Some token are configured to read the price from Pancake swap liquidity pool due to the unavailable price is not available in Band. We believe the swapping price in Pancake swap is reasonable to be used for evaluation.

Unit Price in USDT

Protocol convert the unit price in BNB into USDT by UnitPriceInBNB * BNBUSDT

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